Troubleshooting Carbide Cutting Tools

Working in conjunction with ISCAR, we have uploaded and organized important video tutorials and troubleshooting guides that will help you in a variety of carbide cutting tool applications.

Below are links to the actual troubleshooting guides provided by ISCAR.  Simply click link to review recommendations.  Even though these guides were produced by Iscar, they are industry standard and can be applied in a variety of tooling applications regardless of the brand of cutting tool.


Drilling User Guide      Drilling Speeds and Feeds Tables
Cham Gun    ISCAR Gun Drill    Cham Drill
Cham Drill Jet   Insert Drill   Reaming   Drilling
Insert Milling Cutters   List of G-Code  List of M-Codes Thread Milling


Troubleshooting Common Drilling Issues

To view the Drilling troubleshooting guide for common problems simply click on link.

Common Problem:    Hole size too large

Common Problem:   Hole size too small.

Common Problem:  Rough surface finish.

Common Problem:  Deviation of hole position

Common Problem: Chipping on cutting tool corners

Common Problem: Chipping on cutting tool chisel edge

Common Problem:  Chipping on Cutting Tool Corners

Common Problem: Breaking Carbide Drills

Common Problem: Drilling Straight Holes