Polygon Milling: A new way to control chips

Let’s paint a picture.  You walk onto the floor and you have your 8-spindle running on a brand new aluminum job.  You and the machine operator open up the doors and the machine is loaded with chips.  Chips everywhere! So many chips that you have to stop it and clean out the machine every 50 parts.  In today’s blog, Tom explores a new method of milling that solves this problem and could potentially allow you to run your machine all day – possibly uninterrupted.  Today we explore the art of Polygon Milling and how you might be able to use this technique in some of your applications.

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Directions for Use

  1. Enter your data parameters into the fields on the left
  2. Click the green arrow in the center of the calculator
  3. Your answers will appear in the fields on the right
-- change calculator using buttons below -- Tap Drill MM Tap Drill RPM SFPM Helix Angle

Tap Drill Size

MM Tap Drill



Helix Angle