No-burr milling and drilling basics

Last week our video touched on the advantages of burr-free drilling applications.  This week we expand on that topic to include no-burr milling and drilling.  Tom walks us through the basic concept and how using this type of tool could save a significant amount of production time and improve performance and quality.  As a custom carbide cutting tool manufacturer, we strive to consolidate the amount of tools your using in your production process.  Here is yet another example of how Greene Tool Systems can help you.



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Directions for Use

  1. Enter your data parameters into the fields on the left
  2. Click the green arrow in the center of the calculator
  3. Your answers will appear in the fields on the right
-- change calculator using buttons below -- Tap Drill MM Tap Drill RPM SFPM Helix Angle

Tap Drill Size

MM Tap Drill



Helix Angle