Joke of the Week 6-18-2014

During the French Revolution, a priest, a nobleman, and an engineer were found gulty of crimes against the Revolution and sentenced to the guillotine. The priest was led to it first. He told the executioner, “I prefer to meet my maker face to face. Lie me down facing up.”

This was done, the lever was thrown… and the guillotine blade refused to move!

“This is a sign from God,” exclaimed the priest. The crowd called for his release, and he was led away.

The nobleman – thinking there may be something here – also insisted on being face up. The lever was pulled… and the blade refused to move!

The crowd called for the nobelman’s release also, and he was led away.

The engineer also asked to lie facing up. As the executioner reached for the lever, the engineer said, “Hey, I think I see your problem.”

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