Customer Service: World-Class Quality Control

Design Efficiency and the GTS Job It® Quality Control System

Getting the same tool every time you order it…

ISO: 9002 Standards Compliant

When you enter an order with Greene Tool Systems, you can be assured that the tools will always be to print. Once a tool is designed and entered into our GTS JobIt® Quality Control System, all dimensions, tolerances, and other specifications are used in exactly the same way under the same conditions every time the tool is produced.

Standard procedures are critical, particularly when a change notice is required. In that event, we maintain a document control system that details all of the specifications for the change and assures the proper documents are created, tracked, and accessible.

For example, we can trace every document change made all the way back to the original design specifications from the customer. Hard copies of the original design criteria, signoffs, obsolete documents, etc., can be referenced through a unique control number and create a detailed history of the design, production, and quality control improvement of a tool.   

1. Design Process

When a customer needs to design a cutting tool for an application, we work with them to answer key questions:

  • Is the part machinable?
  • What tooling is required to manufacture the parts?
  • What is the tool life?
  • What fixtures will be needed?
  • Can we redesign the part to simplify fixturing?
  • Can we combine processes and eliminate tools?

Once these questions are answered, the customer then provides us with design drawings and all part specifications. Our engineering department loads the customer’s drawing into our CAD system and starts the Greene Tool Systems design process.  

2. Control Number

When a design is finished, a unique control number is issued that references all design and specification documents and prints, including the customer signoff. Hardcopies of these documents are permanently stored in a master control file.  

3. Controlled Documents

After a design is complete and is stamped as a controlled document, it is then ready to use for manufacturing. A change notice must be issued if any changes to the print are made at any given time in the process. These controlled documents are kept up-to-date in real time.

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