Live Tool Development: Why Wait Until You Are at the Edge of Panic?

“That burr doesn’t come out of the hole. I have tried everything…
let’s call Greene.”

Day 1 – Our customer, a manufacturer of automotive fuel systems, called on a Friday to ask for help de-burring a groove deep inside a small bore (.278) of a fuel injector body that intersected with 2mm crossholes. Their conventional deburring process was not working and production was completely shut down.

The challenge was that in order to deburr the hole the tool needed to be 2 flutes with a .073 diameter shank and .250 head. The tool needed to reach into the part 1.50 and scoop out the burr without breaking.

After reviewing the problem with our customer on the telephone, they sent us their part prints and process prints. We presented a few design concepts Friday afternoon.

Day 2 – Tom went to the customer’s plant Monday morning to evaluate the process, parts, and conditions. He left the customer’s plant by noon and that afternoon had final designs for the first round of tools.

Day 3 – Six tools were shipped to the customer. During testing it was found that subsequent machining with the new tools did not remove the burr but just knocked it into the hole. We redesigned the tools to eliminate the burr from pushing into the hole by changing it to a right hand cut.

Day 4 – Second generation tools were shipped to the customer.

Days 5 – 8  – Tests on Thursday and Friday and through the weekend had some success, demonstrating a 40% removal. Over the weekend we worked with the customer on a final revision to the design.

Day 8 – The final prints were signed off.

Day 9 – The third generation of tools shipped to the customer.

Day 10 – Testing was completed Wednesday, and that final, third round of tools was completely successful and yielded 100% burr removal for the part.

Within ten working days, Greene Tool Systems was able to take our customer from a complete production shutdown to 100% operation with our third generation tool. We did this using our live tool development capabilities here in-house, which allow us to respond within hours, instead of days or weeks, delivering new tools and putting you back into production.

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