Polygon Thread Milling: Polygon Thread Milling

The principal of polygon thread milling is to synchronize the rotation of the spindle at a one-to-one ratio to the part, and feed the cutter at a controlled rate into the part. This is a milling process that is very fast compared to single point threading. Generally it is done on single spindle screw machines and multiple spindle screw machines. Spindle synchronization is available on some CNC turn / mill machines. This would give the customer the availability to polygon thread mill on their centers. There are material limitations – normally you can only thread mill in brass, aluminum, and some mild steels.


Removing lead from brass causes some huge problems for customers that are now roll forming their threads. Many customers are turning to thread milling to resolve the issues that arise when rolling no-lead brass. Because of the toughness of the material, customers are having to reduce the SFPM of the machining process. With standard thread mills we found that it was common for customers to chip the teeth out of the mills when they tried pushing the mills harder. We have developed a series of thread mills that can hold up to the toughness of non-leaded brass. Using the GTS Monroe Technology® has allowed us to increase some of the feed and speed rates lost by removing lead.


Right hand threads. Left hand threads. Acme threads. Special thread forms. Multiple start threads. NPT threads. Spiral oil grooves, etc. Isometric threads. Whitworth threads. British standard pipe threads. UNJ threads. Trapez din 103. Sagengenwinde DIN503. American buttress. API – oil threads.

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