Thanksgiving: Machining with your bird

Turkey time with Tom

With Thanksgiving only a week away, Tom spent a little time this week with our good friend, Stan Landes of Bowman Landes Turkeys, Inc., of New Carlisle, Ohio, and his birds. While the birds are anxious for next week, they still know who the greatest cutting tool company in the world is. Watch this week’s video to spend a little turkey time with Tom.

We at Greene Tool want to wish all our loyal customers a happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate you allowing us to annoy you every week with our emails and less-than-humorous jokes. We hope that our technology and the resources we offer on our website, including our Troubleshooting Advisers and calculators, offset our poor humor. Your business and loyalty are what we are truly grateful for, all year long.

We also want to give special thanks this week to Stan Landes of Bowman Landes Turkeys, Inc., for allowing us to have fun with some 2,000 of their birds. We’ve been a loyal customer of Bowman Landes, one of the largest free-range turkey farms in the Midwest, for over 25 years. Their turkeys are, hands-down, the best on earth; you can see why from this week’s video (click here to get Beverly Greene’s opinion on this).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and stayed tuned next week for another Turkey Day surprise…

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