Customer Service: Hurricane Sandy doesn’t stop automotive production in Detroit

When a customer needs service, Greene Tool delivers now

In our blog on August 16, 2012, we talked about our work with Dimension Machine, Macomb, Michigan, in designing a multi-step tool for one of their customers. As we provide startup support while the equipment is installed for Dimension Machine’s customer, we wanted to follow up on how Greene Tool is providing unmatched customer service.

The machine that Dimension Machine’s customer is running is getting a chip when drilling the parts. The robot that loads the parts is jamming because of the chip, and Greene Tool will troubleshoot so this customer can produce more than 1,000,000 parts per year.

When the customer’s engineer called us yesterday and reported the chip, we went into our shop to make some changes on the drill. When we designed this tool a few months ago, we planned for every scenario and kept a spare tool at our plant in case something like this happened. The day after we received the call from the engineer, we were on the road to the factory in Michigan to test the tool on the customer’s machine.

Even amid hurricanes and snow, we at Greene Tool know you have to keep lines running. When you and your customers work with us, you’re getting total customer support so you can get to production. We come to your factory or run live tool development on our Integrex here in Dayton to troubleshoot and get you back up.

Hurricane Sandy can’t stop your production. We don’t let anything stop us working for you, either.

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