Multiple Operation Tooling: How to Produce 1,000,000 Parts without a Tool Change


“Greene Tool is the only supplier we trust in the field with our customers – we know their tools will work without fail. We love the support and insight we receive from Greene Tool. We have worked together for seven years on many different projects and Greene Tool has never let us down.”    

Hans Lohr, Owner, Dimension Machine

Dimension Machine, Macomb, Michigan, designs turnkey solutions for their customers. These solutions include re-tooling current production machines or tooling new machines. They are capable of total manufacturing system design and automation, including fixturing, loading systems, programming, and tool engineering. Hans Lohr, owner of Dimension Machine, has been one of our machining partners for years. When he needs special round cutting tools that work, he calls Greene Tool.

Hans was looking for a better method that would reduce cycle time and tool changes on a turnkey project for one of his customers. We were presented with part prints and a request to machine his customer’s part with one tool. Lower cycle time would give him an advantage over his competition. This is where Greene Tool Systems’ understanding of turnkey solutions was of great value to both Hans and his customer.

GTS Multi-Step Tool

We designed a tool that performed the following operations:

    1. drilled a 24 mm hole;
    2. reamed the same hole and held a 50 micron tolerance;
    3. chamfered the top of the hole; and
    4. circular interpolated the chamfer on the back of the hole.

Greene Tool Systems’ Multi-Step Tool in action at Dimension Machine.

The parts will be run on a new Makino PS95 Vertical machining center. Dimension Machine will add the automation to the machine before it is installed in the customer’s plant. Multiple machines will be robot-loaded to produce a volume in excess of 1,000,000 parts per year. The project was quoted at 4:0 minutes per load (2 parts). The current cycle time is 3:14 per load.

The customer wanted a time-saving innovation that would give them higher productivity, cutting tools that would last forever, and a reduction in the number of machines needed for the project. GTS will provide support through the startup phase of the program and after the equipment is installed in the customer’s factory.

Many of Greene Tool customers are familiar with our innovative tool designs. They have come to expect our “imagineering” department to fully understand their processes from beginning to end. If you are going to turnkey a project, tell your vendor to use Greene Tool Systems.

For more information, contact:

Hans Lohr, Owner
Dimension Machine
24750 21 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48042
(586) 948-3600

Greene Tool Systems:

Troubleshooting. Prototyping. Process Design. Production. Remanufacturing.

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