Customer Service: How do you say edge of panic in Japanese?

When you need a specialty tool, you don’t have time to wait weeks on end for it to arrive. And when you supply tools to international customers, turnaround times get tricky. For Greene Tool, delivering for customers at their edge of panic is our job. Wherever you are in the world, the edge of panic is the place where Greene Tool takes charge and gets the job done. Just read below for a recent example of how we delivered for one of our customers.

Monday, 8/27, 4pm EST (8/28, 5am JST)

One of our customers, who purchases components from a supplier in Japan, calls us about a component in their products that’s tapped with an M12x1 tap. The vendor for our customer is not able to get delivery on these taps in Japan.

Tuesday, 8/28, 9am EST (8/28, 10pm JST)

To save time having to troubleshoot across several time zones, we obtain a blueprint of our customer’s part and design a tap for the application.

Tuesday, 8/28, 3pm EST (8/29, 4am JST)

We inform our customer we are able to manufacture the required 30 pieces, uncoated, in 48 hours.

Wednesday, 8/29, 9am EST (8/29, 10pm JST)

We receive a PO to manufacture the 30 pieces.

Friday, 8/31, 5pm EST (9/1, 6am JST)

After pre-finish, we ship the tools from Dayton to Japan. Because of additional lead times to coat taps in the U.S., we make arrangements for the tools to be coated in Japan.

Monday, 9/3, 10am EST (9/3, 11pm JST)

The tools have arrived in Japan, and the customer is running.

What might normally have taken a week in back and forth communication to confirm technical information is the competitive edge of Greene Tool. Our global connections and relationships allow us to provide customers quick turnaround. In this case, we were able to deliver the necessary product for our customer in four days because we have the technical knowledge to build a tap for the application. Further, the logistics of international shipping are second nature to us.

Working with our customers, we can determine what tools our customers need and leverage our international contacts to deliver at the edge of panic. Anyway you look at it, the edge of panic is the edge of panic in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Portuguese. For Greene Tool, it’s what we do every day.

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