Cutting Tool Manufacturing: Greene Tool Expands to New Levels of Service in Precision Cutting Tool Manufacturing.

Greene Tool has purchased an automated grinding system for manufacturing round carbide cutting blanks. It will be our first totally automated OD grinding system and will expand the plant’s capability for high precision cutting tool production. The new system allows for tolerances of less than 2 microns without operator intervention, in a lights out, unmanned operation.

According to Tom Greene, president, “The requirements for tight tolerance cutting tool production is increasing. We have actually produced this level of quality for years, as a custom, high-cost process. As demand has increased, it was necessary for us to make the process faster and less expensive for our customers. So we undertook a four-phase development process to close the gap.”

Phase I involved developing new edge preparations to increase tool life which Greene has named the GTS Monroe Edge.

Phase II was the development of advanced PVD coating processes with the ability to control the exact thickness coatings for tight tolerance tools.

Phase III was automation, allowing Greene Tool Systems to produce tight tolerance cutting tools economically in large numbers at competitive market prices.

Phase IV is installation of a new optical measuring system that will control tolerances down to 1 micron.

“Even though this is an automation development, we are planning to hire 2 to 3 additional, highly skilled technicians in order to meet increased product demand. This will open the door to higher production volume and enable us to deliver high quality, tight tolerance precision coated tools faster and at lower cost,” explained Greene.  

Tight tolerance cutting tools are now usually run in high volumes without coating because of unpredictability in coating thicknesses. These new developments will allow Greene Tool to run tight tolerance cutting tools with advanced coatings. These cutting tools will last longer and perform faster at a more affordable price. They will also be able to deliver these tools in very short lead times to manufacturers who are experiencing production  difficulties because of tool failure.

Greene Tool Systems is on the web at Our website features interactive tools, including speeds and feeds calculators, a newsletter, online blog, and the opportunity for manufacturers to ask for help in troubleshooting problems in production efficiency, process design, and cost control.

For more information, call Tom Greene, president, at 1-800-BUY-TOOL.

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