Automation: Automate or Evaporate

At Greene Tool, we know you are faced with increasing product costs and overhead. That’s why we never stop thinking about how we can improve automation to deliver you superior products at the most competitive price.

We are currently installing the newest generation of automated grinding equipment; our first step was to get the latest CNC grinding equipment with a Fanuc robot in place. The grinder will allow us to load multiple jobs, having a capacity of over 2,000 tools per run.

This automation changes the game for Greene Tool. If we have, for instance, four jobs at 200 pieces each, we can pre-program the robot, load the tools, and let the machine finish each palette and proceed job-by-job over a weekend. Where our current machines can handle 200 pieces, our new machine yields up to 2,000 pieces over a weekend.

Beginning in January 2013, we will install our first inspection machine and, later on in 2013, we’ll install a robot to automate the inspection process. The entire process will be interfaced and run by itself, fully automating OD grinding, manufacturing, and inspection processes.

Automate or evaporate

We at Greene Tool are always thinking about the big picture and never stop delivering for our customers.

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