Thread milling NPT Threads: All I did was sell you the tool. It’s not my problem if you can’t make it work!

When you buy a tool from Greene Tool Systems, you can count on it working. We take special responsibility with customers and go out of our way to make sure our tools work as required. We never leave you hanging high and dry.

One of our customers, Eastern Enterprise of Springfield, Ohio, recently purchased a thread mill from us to mill a special NPT thread on the O.D. of a five-inch diameter part. Once the tool shipped, we quickly discovered they didn’t have the necessary software to run helical interpolation. The tool we sold them couldn’t work unless we assisted them in programming their machines.

When we visited Springfield, we soon learned that the Integrex 35 was using an older T+ control. So, we called up the applications team at Mazak who informed us that the T+ control wasn’t capable of running a helical interpolation.

Fortunately for us and our customer, one of Mazak’s application engineers had developed a macro that emulated helical interpolation using straight-line movements calculated in one-degree increments. We helped Eastern Enterprise install, troubleshoot, and program the macro. We secured the software that would deliver results on their machines.

“We love the support we were given to make sure our thread mill was operational,” says John Compton of Eastern Enterprise. “We have been more than excited to continue to do business with Greene Tool, with whom we’ve worked for close to 30 years. Whenever we need them, Greene Tool is there to help, and we get results.”

Greene Tool Systems supports the products we sell. We have trained engineers that know machining. When you purchase cutting tools from Greene, the price includes technical support for your applications. We know for every tool we sell, a piece of software supports its use. By keeping communication channels open and following up with you, we make sure our tools are working as intended. Greene Tool sells you tools and solves your problems. Every time.

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