Deep Hole Drilling: How to drill holes deep and straight!

Deep Hole Drilling

Even for the experienced machinist, deep hole drilling is a very challenging task.   Making sure the hole is straight and accurate is tantamount in any kind of precision machining application.  This video gives a brief overview on how to drill deep holes with accuracy and precision. This link will also take you to a centralized place that you can use as a troubleshooting guide for all of your deep hole drilling applications.   Visit our deep hole drilling troubleshooting guide.


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Directions for Use

  1. Enter your data parameters into the fields on the left
  2. Click the green arrow in the center of the calculator
  3. Your answers will appear in the fields on the right
-- change calculator using buttons below -- Tap Drill MM Tap Drill RPM SFPM Helix Angle

Tap Drill Size

MM Tap Drill



Helix Angle