The art of choosing the right feeds and speeds

Choosing the right speeds and feeds is a critical component of any machining application. While manufacturer’s guides are great starting points, finding the optimum combination can be challenging. In the first installment of a two part series, Tom reviews the conditions that can affect your cutting tool performance, and provides the most effective solution to find the right feeds and speeds. In next week’s installment, Tom will demonstrate how to analyze your data and make proper adjustments to reduce your production cycle time and maximize your job profitability.

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Directions for Use

  1. Enter your data parameters into the fields on the left
  2. Click the green arrow in the center of the calculator
  3. Your answers will appear in the fields on the right
-- change calculator using buttons below -- Tap Drill MM Tap Drill RPM SFPM Helix Angle

Tap Drill Size

MM Tap Drill



Helix Angle