Development of the GTS Monroe Edge: Extending Your Tool Life

In 2008, Greene Tool Systems was faced with a dilemma: customers were waiting 12 weeks to get special cutting tools from Europe and Japan. Their tools used advanced pre- and post-finishing technology and new, advanced coatings. Our standard four-week delivery was far better than what they provided; however, without the advanced technology, we were in a completely non-competitive situation if those foreign companies decided to manufacture in the United States.

Unless we developed technology equal to what the Japanese and Europeans were using in special cutting tools, it was only a matter of time before they would be producing special tools in the U.S. with a competitive delivery time.

We started an R&D project to develop new cutting edge technology in coatings, pre- and post-finishing technology. We looked at the current technology that was available in the marketplace and decided we could do something superior to what was standard at the time. Our aim was a new world-class standard for performance.

Using our live cutting tool development process, we came up with a combination of edge preparations and coatings combined with advanced carbide substrates that gave us superior performance and longer tool life. We call this the GTS Monroe Edge.

In our machining lab, we started with existing customer processes that were using our cutting tools and applied the new technology. The results were unbelievable. In over 40 years, we have never seen the advancements in cutting tool life that we have seen since we have been applying the GTS Monroe Edge.

  • It was not uncommon to see 40% – 50% increase in cutting SFPM.
  • We also noticed, in some cases, the tools lasted over 200% longer.
  • Issues with adhesion of the chips to the cutting edges were resolved.
  • Chipping of the cutting edges could be eliminated.

The bottom line is: the GTS Monroe Edge rocks. Not only did we deliver a new technology that works, we created a monster that is customized to individual applications. Our system is completely programmable enabling us to achieve the same results from run to run. This gives our customers predictable tool life from tool to tool.

Whether it is a new or re-manufactured tool, the part count should be the same. We are not seeing any loss in part count with our manufactured tools using this process. Applying the GTS Monroe Edge to standard tools manufactured by other companies gives us equal results – increased speeds and tool life.

One Michigan automotive manufacturer gave us drills from Germany to re-manufacture because of long lead times in their U.S. regrinding facility. Not only did we meet the customer’s expectations on the quality of re-manufacturing, we also ran 30% longer than the new cutting tool from the German vendor. As a result, the customer switched to our new cutting tools using the GTS Monroe Edge and has also seen a substantial drop in new cutting tool cost per part.

Greene Tool Systems now competes with the major carbide tool companies around the world. Not only do we have faster delivery, we now have a world class product that’s of equal or better quality.

Why would you ever count on a foreign company to deliver your precision tools in twelve weeks when you can get a superior product right here in the U.S. in four weeks or less from Greene Tool Systems?