“If you can’t make a good tool every time, get out of our factory.”

When you are running a mature manufacturing process, the last thing you need is a tooling supplier that doesn’t make the same tools twice.

At Greene Tool Systems, we have zero tolerance for defects.

JobIt software was written to comply with our ISO 9001 document requirements. It enables us to permanently track required documents electronically without hard paper document storage.

We found the standardized system was cumbersome and required a lot of time-consuming manual paperwork. We developed this software concurrently with our ISO manual so they parallel one another. We needed a system that could access quality control data, inspection records, change authorizations, contract review documents, etc.

JobIt is unique because it not only is used for process control throughout the shop, but it also documents the exact part measurements specified on the prints. It actually records the data in real time while the job is being processed through the shop.


If a customer is having an issue holding a dimension on their parts, we can go back to engineering and change the prints to create a tighter tolerance. We then go into JobIt and add that inspection to the process sheet, forcing the operator to check the dimension as part of the standard run procedure. If the tool is in production, we can change the tolerance in real time.

We spend a lot of time and money making sure cutting tools are manufactured exactly to print. Every tool in the plant, whether it is new manufacturing or if it is remanufactured, is controlled through the JobIt system. Consequently, this gives us the quality we demand and ensures compliance to customer prints.

When we manufacture special cutting tools, our engineering department specifies critical dimensions on the tool based on the customer’s prints, parts, and machining processes. Detailed documentation is absolutely essential in making sure that all dimensions, tolerances, and other specifications are used in exactly the same way under the same conditions every time the tool is produced.

At GTS, every job is different, and there are no standard products. Our JobIt system makes sense of the chaos our operators are faced with on a daily basis. All details are permanently documented to assure our customers meet their production deadlines.

For more information on quality control and design efficiency at Greene Tool Systems, see our webpage entitled Design Efficiency – World-Class Quality Control.