Process design, turnkey tooling, and prototyping are closely related services. They vary from one another based on the level of service our customer needs. Turnkey tooling often involves a new process for part manufacturing. However, prototyping involves the development of a new product. We work with our customers to answer key questions:

                  1. Is the part machinable?
                  2. What tooling is required to manufacture the parts?
                  3. What is the tool life?
                  4. What fixtures will be needed?
                  5. Can we redesign the part to simplify fixturing?
                  6. Can we combine processes and eliminate tools?

We meet with your  engineers to review the machining process. Working as a team, we can provide suggestions that would improve the design, eliminate tools, and develop realistic manufacturing tolerances. We facilitate this collaboration between manufacturing engineering and design engineering. Unforeseen manufacturing issues are solved on paper before the first chip hits the floor.

We can then bring the specifications and prints back to our shop, put together the tooling, and run tests here on our machines or in your shop. We know cutting tool designs; we can simulate the process, develop the new tools, calculate the speeds and feeds, and determine everything you need to start production.

Our customer, Jeff Whitner at Cummins, told us that over the 12 years we have done business with them, we have saved them 30% on their cutting tool manufacturing and that he has the lowest per block cutting tool cost in the corporation. He attributes that to the design and process expertise and creativity we bring to the table. Cummins is an innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturer, so Greene Tool is uniquely qualified for their team.

If you are a manufacturer looking to refine your processes and save significant costs by improving design, decreasing production time, and extending tool life, call us at 1.800.BUY.TOOL.