Manufacturers know this scenario all too well: sometimes your competitive edge boils down to seconds on the clock. Those seconds translate directly into lost profit. The questions that are constantly on your mind include:

  • How can I make these parts in less time?
  • What can I do to increase the number of parts I can make before my cutters wear out?
  • Where can I eliminate a step in the process?
  • Can I alter the material to yield better results?
  • How can I achieve design changes without creating unforeseen manufacturing problems?

Answering these questions often takes weeks and months of prototyping new tools and testing materials in the lab: re-defining tolerances, speeds and feeds, and clearances; machining test parts, re-designing the prototype, and re-testing the work in the plant. It is an expensive and time-consuming process that can also slow down regular production and cut into delivery time and profitability.

Here at Greene Tool Systems, we have refined the art of new cutting tool development. We work with your engineers as a team to review the machining process, provide suggestions that improve the design, eliminate tools, and develop realistic manufacturing tolerances. We then bring the specifications and prints back to our shop, put together the tooling, and run tests here on our machines. We test production, re-design tools, and test again all right here in our lab under one roof. Unforeseen manufacturing issues are solved on paper and tested right here under our roof before the first chip ever hits the floor in your plant.

We know cutting tool design. We can simulate your processes, develop the new tools, define the speeds and feeds, and continue the process and testing loop until the problem is solved. Sometimes, it takes as long as a day to solve a difficult problem – not weeks or months.

Want more efficient production processes? Want to eliminate unnecessary steps and increase your tool life? Let us help you dramatically shorten the time it takes for you to go into production. We can help you find those precious extra seconds, control your development costs, and make you more profitable.