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A guy walks into a bar — and sustains a mild concussion.


Engineers on a train

Three engineers and three mathematicians are on a train going to a conference. The mathematicians each bought a ticket. The engineers have one between them. As the conductor starts through the train car, the engineers all rush off and jump into the small lavatory.

The conductor knocks on the door of the lavatory and says “Ticket, please.” At which point the engineers slide the one ticket through a ventilation slot and the conductor punches it. The mathematicians think this looks like a good trick and decide to try it on the train ride back home.

As the mathematicians board the train they have one ticket between them. The engineers have no ticket!
After a while, one of the engineers says, “Here comes the conductor!” So all three mathematicians jump up and run into the lavatory with their one ticket.

One of the engineers goes to the lavatory door and says “Ticket, please.”


Now that your kids are back to school, lets hope they get a better education than this guy.



I worked with a guy once who told me…”You can fix anything with a straight-slot screwdriver and a pair of channel-locks!”

“What about a hammer?” I asked naively.

“That’s what the channel-locks are for” he replied.


Who is ready for football to begin?


It could be worse – – you could be in two-a-day football practices getting told to run by a guy like this!



Thought this might be a good uniform for folks in the Shop?



Who said Americans were not on the cutting edge of engineering?



Are you punching summer in the face with awesome?


For your July 4th celebration, we recommend this brand of fireworks.


Life jackets are way too expensive!  Use your engineering minds!




Tis the season for Heat….get ready!

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