Innovations in metal additive manufacturing We keep hearing how additive manufacturing is going to take over the world. Quite frankly, we have been hearing that for the past 10 plus years. However, new companies and technology are emerging that is making metal additive manufacturing more of a reality. This week […]

Six diagnostic steps to ensure your drills don’t break Tired of drills breaking on production jobs? Trouble finding out why your drills are breaking? 50-year machining veteran and one of the world’s leading cutting tool experts runs through six diagnostic steps for you to review to make sure your drills […]

  Tips for expanding into gun parts production Demand in the gun industry seems to be at an all-time high, if you’re looking to see how your production facility might be able to expand into the gun parts industry, Tom Greene is here to give you a couple of tips […]

The next generation of cutting tool coatings There have been advancements in cutting tool coatings over the years that can positively impact your production application. Despite higher costs, cutting tool coatings can allow you to cut at a higher surface footage rate while also providing pre-and post-finishing on your parts. […]

Tooling ideas for the new generation of multi-axis machines. There is an entirely new generation of multi-axis turning and milling machines designed to consolidate the use of multiple machines in your shop. Eurotech has a 13-axis, three-spindle elite machine that makes manufacturing almost completely automatic. Mazak has an entire line […]

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I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.  – Mitch Hedberg

  Traits of the perfect high production cutting tool We are often asked our opinion on what makes the perfect high production cutting tool.  While every situation is different, we have identified the five top traits you need to consider when choosing the perfect high production cutting tool for your […]

  How to break chips when using step drills Step drills are often used to consolidate the number of tools needed to manufacture complex parts. However, like other traditional drills, chip flow and evacuation can be a major issue during some machining applications, particularly in gun parts manufacturing. This week, […]

Things to look for if you’re deep hole drills are chipping Over the years, GTS has produced several instructional video blogs on deep hole drilling techniques and drills.  Deep hold drilling accurately and consistently with no issues continues to be one of the biggest challenges faced by part manufacturers.  A […]

Machining AR-15 Bolts and Carriers The gun industry continues to experience unprecedented demand. Many manufacturers are purchasing new machine tools and ramping up production. Tooling to produce AR-15 Bolts and Carriers and other similar parts have come a long way. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take advantage of […]

Converting from High-Speed Steel to Carbide Drills Converting from High-Speed Steel Drills to Carbide Drills might not be as difficult as you think. While Carbide Drills can be 2-5x more expensive, if you do it right you can remanufacture your carbide drills several times to original specifications – in some […]

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Deep Hole Drilling Issues? It Could Be Your Holder?  One of the more popular subjects that our customers are asking to address is issues related to deep hole drilling.  A client of ours were having difficult trouble with drilling deep straight holes and despite all of their troubleshooting had a […]

Five Ways to Improve Your End Mill Performance Many of our blog posts cover inexpensive tactics you can employ in your shop to improve your tooling performance. This week we tackle five simple ways that you can improve your End Mill performance during production. While these might seem like simple […]

Four Things to Check Before Starting a New Machining Application There are simple things you can check for prior to starting a new machining application or new machine job that can ensure a great result. If you’re disciplined in your routine maintenance in between machining applications you can save tooling […]