Revolutionizing Machine Tool Troubleshooting with Zoom The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the entire Manufacturing Community to adapt in many different ways.  While many adaptations are simply a means of survival, some will more than likely change the entire way we conduct business in the future.  Since we were classified […]

Broaching on a Lathe

Broaching on a Lathe As the gun industry continues to flourish, we continue to highlight some tooling that we utilize to support this industry.  This week, we’ll show broaching applications that can easily be used on a lathe that will improve your productivity and the overall quality of your parts […]

Unique Tooling for Bolt Splines and Carriers – Part Two Gun manufacturers continue to experience strong retail demand for pistols, assault rifles, and other types of guns. We continue where we left off last week by discussing some unique tooling for bolt splines and carriers that significantly reduces tool changes […]

Unique Tooling for Bolt Splines and Carriers for AR15s – Part One Gun manufacturers continue to experience strong retail demand for pistols, assault rifles, and types of guns.  This week Tom showcases some unique tooling he has developed for gun manufacturers and suppliers particularly tooling for bolt splines and carriers […]

  Pandemic Cooking: Fresh Pasta in five minutes Today marks the beginning of our third month in quarantine mode.  Although our business is essential and operations are running on a limited basis, we are only allowed to have mission-critical personnel in our manufacturing facility at this time. So to keep […]

Pandemic Cooking: How to Harvest Honey Day ??? – In a time where we barely know what day it is and if we have showered or not, we bring back our second installment of Pandemic Cooking in lieu of machining expertise since a majority of our folks are either working […]

  Pandemic Cooking with Tom Greene Tensions are high and it seems like this lockdown will never end.  In the spirit of keeping things light during this troublesome time, we decided to switch gears and share a simple, yet fabulous, pizza dough recipe that you can make with your family […]

Manufacturing assistance offered for COVID-19 related medical devices We have more than 40 years of experience designing customized tooling for a variety of applications including medical devices such as ventilators.  We offer our manufacturing assistance “at cost” for any firms that have agreed to begin producing medical equipment to help […]

What happens when an engineer decides to go into self-isolation? These are definitely strange times that we are living with. Today, we try to lighten the mood with a little bit of humor. We go on location to Tom’s House and see what happens when an engineer decides to go […]

  How Money is Saved by Using Cutting Tool Specials A lot of machine shops just automatically assume they need to employ standard tooling in their machining applications.  You could almost assume they get a little complacent about the practice and just figure standard tooling is always cheaper.  The reality […]

Let us review your OEM Turnkey Projects We have worked with them all – Euroturn, Mazak, Makino, Gosiger, Eurotech, Okuma, etc. If you are looking at starting a new OEM Turnkey Project, there is a good chance that we can significantly boost your profit by just letting us review the […]

The ABCs of Cutting Tool Coatings There are hundreds, if not thousands of different cutting tool coatings out on the market.  Choosing the right cutting tool coatings for the proper job can be as challenging as planning the entire machining application.  This week Tom is in his kitchen and he […]

New VR Technology Will Revolutionize Machining As an industry-leading expert in cutting tool technology, we are always aiming to stay on top of the latest trends in our industry.  However, the need to balance family and work-life sparked a revolutionary idea that will definitely impact the machine tool industry.  In […]

  The Dangers of Buying Cheap Stuff How many times have got so caught up on price or hitting a number, that you end up buying cheap stuff that ends up costing you more in the long run? In this quick video, Tom shares a recent experience he had that […]

Broaching Square Corners on a CNC Mill How many times have you been milling a pocket or a part and your customer is asking for the corners to be perfectly square?  We have a solution for that.  This week, in this one minute video, Tom gives you an idea of […]