Some Machining Pranks Never Get Old!  We have over 300 very specific machining videos designed for an extremely narrow audience of engineers and machinists.  However, it just goes to show you, that every once in a while you can catch lightning in a bottle.  Tom Greene started as a […]

Controlling Chip Size When Milling The ability to control the size of your chips while milling is critical. Whether your milling in tight spots, working with different coolant systems or looking to increase your cutting load, chip size is key to managing a successful application. This week, Tom shares his […]

Roller Burnishing versus Ballizing Roller Burnishing is a machining process that has been around for years and is perfect for finishing – particularly in tight spaces and tolerances.  However, there are limits to what Roller Burnishing can do and it may be time to introduce Ballizing into the equation.  This […]

  Keys to Drilling titanium 2x Quicker and Efficiently Titanium is one of the most difficult materials to machine quickly and efficiently. In this short video blog, we discuss the challenges with drilling Titanium and some of the key factors you need to consider when planning your job. More importantly, […]

  How to break stringy chips when turning or drilling Nearly every machinist has dealt with stringy chips when turning or drilling.  It actually might be one of the most common problems in nearly every machine shop.  You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive chip breaking tools or scrap your […]

Four reasons to consider adding Multi-Axis Machining to production Multi-Axis Machining continues to gain traction in the machine tool industry, disrupting a lot of traditional methods of production. This week, Tom Greene shares the four primary reasons you might want to consider looking at some of these Multi-Axis Machines for […]

Innovations in Cutting Tool Breakage Detection One key to machining automation is making sure you have a plan for cutting tool breakage and how to make sure this doesn’t interrupt your operations.   While there are a lot of traditional methods to detect breakage, companies, such as our friends from Blum-Novotest, […]

Skilled labor shortage? Not with “Ralph the Cobot!” Are you tired of scouring the internet, job sites, or spending money trying to find skilled workers only to be disappointed? Well, have you thought about Cobots? Cobots are the next big craze in the machining industry and for little investment, you […]

How to properly mix coolant Mixing your coolant properly is critical to your carbide cutting tool life as well as the overall health of your machine tool.  There are many different ways that coolant can be mixed, but Tom is here to show you how to do it properly so […]

  Revolutionizing Machine Tool Troubleshooting with Zoom The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the entire Manufacturing Community to adapt in many different ways.  While many adaptations are simply a means of survival, some will more than likely change the entire way we conduct business in the future.  Since we were classified […]

Broaching on a Lathe

Broaching on a Lathe As the gun industry continues to flourish, we continue to highlight some tooling that we utilize to support this industry.  This week, we’ll show broaching applications that can easily be used on a lathe that will improve your productivity and the overall quality of your parts […]

Unique Tooling for Bolt Splines and Carriers – Part Two Gun manufacturers continue to experience strong retail demand for pistols, assault rifles, and other types of guns. We continue where we left off last week by discussing some unique tooling for bolt splines and carriers that significantly reduces tool changes […]

Unique Tooling for Bolt Splines and Carriers for AR15s – Part One Gun manufacturers continue to experience strong retail demand for pistols, assault rifles, and types of guns.  This week Tom showcases some unique tooling he has developed for gun manufacturers and suppliers particularly tooling for bolt splines and carriers […]

  Pandemic Cooking: Fresh Pasta in five minutes Today marks the beginning of our third month in quarantine mode.  Although our business is essential and operations are running on a limited basis, we are only allowed to have mission-critical personnel in our manufacturing facility at this time. So to keep […]

Pandemic Cooking: How to Harvest Honey Day ??? – In a time where we barely know what day it is and if we have showered or not, we bring back our second installment of Pandemic Cooking in lieu of machining expertise since a majority of our folks are either working […]