Joke of the Week 1-14-22

Some people are like slinkies. They don’t really have a purpose. But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs.   Jack Handey

  How to Chamber Ream Pistol Barrels 8x Faster Chamber reaming pistol barrels is one of the more challenging machine applications out there. With the demand for pistols continuing to remain strong, continually examining your production process to produce parts quicker while maintaining quality is critical.  With EuroTech, we have […]

This New Live Spindle Machine Attachment Could Double Your Tool Life We are always searching for innovative products that increase your tool life, speed up your production, and improve your part quality.  This week we decided to highlight a new Live Spindle Machine Attachment by Precitronics that can be used […]

Joke of the Week 12-10-21

Are you tired of setting down your children only to watch them immediately b-line it to stairs, electric plugs, or dog food bowls?  Here is a great idea that limits their mobility and builds their leg strength for basketball.    

Is your cutting tool life declining after every regrind? Is your cutting tool life declining after you send it for regrinding services?  This week, Tom dives into what your expectations should be for cutting tool life after you regrind.  Tom highlights some of the mistakes some cutting tool remanufactures make […]

This tooling innovation is a game-changer for Swiss Machines As any machinist knows, tooling set up, offsets, and changes are time-consuming and challenging on Swiss Machines.  Iscar has come up with a new tooling innovation that significantly reduces the time to set up and change your tooling on your Swiss […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Greene Tool Systems Tom Greene stopped by legendary Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm in New Carlisle Ohio as a guest speaker for all of the Thanksgiving Turkeys.  They all agreed that Tom makes the best cutting tools in the world!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!    

Bolt Carrier Machining Case Study The Gun Industry continues to experience record levels of demand.  Some of the largest gun manufacturers have added jobs at a pace much higher than the national average.  The FBI noted that in 2021, background checks are outpacing 2020’s record levels of 39.69 million.  If […]

This new CNC Swiss Machine is a game-changer At Greene Tool, we love to highlight new innovations that we think will positively change the game when it comes to manufacturing.  Mazak has a new CNC swiss-style machine tool that we think is really innovative.  For companies looking to reduce setup […]

A key to great cutting tool design?  A bit of insanity. You have to be a little insane to produce some of the world’s most innovative special cutting tools. At Greene Tool Systems we do not “horse” around when it comes to thinking outside of the box.

Your parts bid was 2x higher than the competition.  Now what? Our parts manufacturing customers often tell us horror stories about how they keep getting undercut by their competitors – sometimes as much as 2 to 3x. They can’t figure out why and just figure that their competition isn’t making […]

This  Positive Rake Cutting Insert Changes Everything. Every once in a while, we like to highlight new products in the machining industry that we feel change the trajectory of how we produce parts. This week we highlight a new positive rake cutting insert from Iscar that boasts four sides instead […]

The Advantages of 3D Printed Toolholders 3D printing continues to make disruptive waves in the machining industry as engineers are finding new ways to utilize this technology to make parts much more efficient for manufacturing. 3D Printed Toolholders are becoming more and more prevalent and affordable and they make a […]

How Money is Saved Using Special Cutting Tools A lot of machine shops just automatically assume they need to employ standard tooling in their machining applications.  You could almost assume they get a little complacent about the practice and just figure standard tooling is always cheaper.  The reality is, in […]

Four tips to reduce machine set up time Time is money.  Simple upfront planning and pre-job adjustments can drastically reduce machine setup times in your production environments. In this week’s short video blog, Tom Greene discusses four easy solutions that can be employed by your machinists that could potentially save […]