The Advantages of 3D Printed Toolholders 3D printing continues to make disruptive waves in the machining industry as engineers are finding new ways to utilize this technology to make parts much more efficient for manufacturing. 3D Printed Toolholders are becoming more and more prevalent and affordable and they make a […]

How Money is Saved Using Special Cutting Tools A lot of machine shops just automatically assume they need to employ standard tooling in their machining applications.  You could almost assume they get a little complacent about the practice and just figure standard tooling is always cheaper.  The reality is, in […]

Four tips to reduce machine set up time Time is money.  Simple upfront planning and pre-job adjustments can drastically reduce machine setup times in your production environments. In this week’s short video blog, Tom Greene discusses four easy solutions that can be employed by your machinists that could potentially save […]

Perform Cutting Tool Scrap Audits and Generate Cash Do you know what you’re scrapping? Have you ever stopped to look to see what tools are in the scrap bin? If not, we highly recommend you perform a cutting tool scrap audit. We think you’ll be surprised at the amount of […]

The Toolmaker Never Rests

The Toolmaker Never Rests This week Tom takes a trip out to the remote corner of the United States. However, just like any mad scientist, he can’t get tooling designs out of his mind. Enjoy this one-minute video as Tom struggles to relax, but rest assured he never stops thinking […]

Greene Tool Systems helps revolutionize food production for at-risk population This week we shift gears from our traditional tooling topics to discuss how Greene Tool Systems partnered with the Dayton Foodbank to revolutionize the way fresh produce is grown and distributed to Dayton’s at-risk populations.  We share this in the […]

How to control chips when tapping holes Controlling chip flow is one of the keys to a successful drilling application. Where and how the chip is ejected has an impact on the quality and finish of your cut. This week, Tom discusses various tapping applications and how to control chips […]

New vibration free cut off tool is a game changer This week we highlight a new vibration-free cut off tool that is a game changer for parting and cut off machining applications. With up to 2000 psi coolant through the insert blade, this cut off tool can cut up to […]

How to calculate speeds and feeds accurately This week we go back to basics with a quick review on how to properly calculate speeds and feeds. Surface feet per minute (SFM), revolution per minute (RPM), inches per minute (IPM), and inches per revolution (IPR) are all covered in this quick […]

Joke of the week 7-30-21

A tribute to the family vacation. The memories of my family outings are still a source of strength to me. I remember we’d all pile into the car — I forget what kind it was — and drive and drive. I’m not sure where we’d go, but I think there […]

  How to cut your contour milling time in half At Greene Tool Systems, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to speed up production time, increase tool life, and save money. This week we highlight a slick product by ISCAR – the Spin Jet – which is […]

Announcement about the upcoming PMTS Show in Cleveland Tom Greene and team members from Greene Tool Systems will be at the Cleveland PMTS show on August 11-12 displaying some of their special bolt and carrier tooling, spline tooling, special cutting tools, and reamers, as well as threadmills and other world-class […]

Ballizing Best Practices

Ballizing Best Practices Precision machining on very small holes can be challenging. Tom Greene speaks to ballizing best practices and when it is appropriate to ballize or utilize roller burnishing. He also speaks to various techniques and how you can best utilize this process.

Tips for maintaining hole concentricity when drilling Maintaining hole concentricity when drilling complicated parts can be one of the most challenging aspects of machining. Today, 50-year veteran machinist and engineer, Tom Greene, gives us a couple of tips and walks us through examples on how to maintain hole concentricity in […]

Four critical cutting tools for manufacturing AR-15 Bolts The gun parts manufacturing industry continues to be very active sometimes rife with critical shortages. This week Tom shares four tools that are critical for manufacturing AR-15 bolts quickly and efficiently so you can keep up with your client’s demands while producing […]