The Advantages of 3D Printing Cutting Tools I’m sure you have heard all the rage about 3D Printing and how it is going to change the world of manufacturing. While that most likely be the case as 3D printing technology continues to develop, you can use it right now to help […]

After a brief stop in Montana for a much needed Whiskey and Fish adventure, we travel across the pond to Hanover, Germany to visit the European Machine Tool Show to see the latest and greatest in technology in the industry.  We may or may not have already installed some new […]

Have you ever heard the saying “the more things change the more they stay the same?” The same mantra applies in the machining industry. While machinists and engineers can get caught up in the messy details of technology, gadgets, processes, and much more, sometimes you forget about the principles that […]

A lot of customers ask me about the advantages of High Pressure Coolant Systems, so I thought I would take a couple minutes to share with you my thoughts. If speed, accuracy, tool life, and chip evacuation is a priority, then you need to be using a high pressure coolant […]

Today’s video blog touches on the topic of High Pressure Coolant. Understanding the basics – or ABCs – of High Pressure Coolant can go a long way in making sure you’re optimizing its effectiveness without loosing PSI. Don’t run the risk of underutilizing the amount of coolant in your machining […]

Joke of the Week 8-11-2017

At Greene Tool Systems, we believe in highlighting the spirit of engineering – particularly for entertainment purposes.  We can’t think of anything better than a mirrored fence for your backyard. Pull up a chair and watch the carnage.

Tom goes Greene

This video should be a warning for all of those consumed with cutting tools. It used to be that Tom would just stare at birds in his free time. Now he has added a new dimension to his madness. This is what happens to you after 40 years of cutting […]

We speak to many different machine shops that are considering getting into the gun part production business.  It has been a booming business. According to the ATF,  gun production has nearly doubled since 2008 to nearly 9.5 Million in 2014.  While 2014 (the last known statistics available) saw a decrease in […]

So many tooling ideas…so little time! When you’re gearing up to tool your next application, think twice before utilizing Boring and Boring tools. This week Tom gives a couple of real life examples on how Reaming – particularly in automated, multi-spindle machine applications – can deliver superior consistency. If you’re looking […]

Aerospace and other industries that use materials such as titanium and inconel can present its own set of machining issues. Prior to drilling titanium or inconel, we suggest you watch this quick video to get some simple tips that will insure that your job remains profitable.  Also click here to […]

This week Tom Greene discusses the advantages of utilizing Polygon Threadmills compared to other tooling. Changes in environmental regulations have created higher demand for non-lead parts – including brass.  These non-ferrous materials can cause fits during machining applications – particularly for screw machine applications.  If this situation sounds familiar you […]

  Imagination converted into application is our greatest differentiator.   Manufacturing parts continues to become increasingly detailed and more complicated often resulting in the use of several tool changes and production runs. Greene Tool Systems is constantly imagining tooling concepts that can handle the most complicated parts with just one tool. […]

Many shops can simply remanufacture or create tools, but can they use their imagination to find something better? This week we examine a quick client case study involving a problem with form drilling holes in aluminum extrusions.  How imagination from your vendors can not only solve your problem, but potentially […]

Tall machinists have the ability to create excellent tools, but it can create havoc in the shop.  We jacked up our new ANCA in order to accommodate our new machinist and facilitate his creation of state-of-the-art long tools.  Nothing comes without a price however, several chiropractor bills and coolant oil […]

One of our good customers had a problem that we’re sure many machinists encounter during production – clogging chips.  This week we discuss how simple adjustments in cutting tool point design can stop chips from clogging and ruining your part.   To be successful in this business, we believe creativity […]